The ARTmania cultural platform supports the bells arts, with focus on the music directly linked to or derived from the rock culture. Together with its faithful allies and hosts of the event, ARTmania has become a well- known international brand, thanks to the special concept of the festival and its location in one of the most beautiful medieval citadels in Eastern Europe, Sibiu.

In 2013, the ARTmania Festival will take place between 5th and 11th of August and will offer art amateurs a varied cultural program that includes concerts, exhibitions, workshops and other events dedicated to the fine arts. All this artistic manifestations will take place in different sights of Sibiu, specially destinated to ARTmania festival: the Small Square and the Large Square.The concerts will take place in the Large Square on Friday and Saturday, 9th and 10th of August.

During its more than seven years of existance, the annual festival in Sibiu has become known for promoting the metal musical scene and artists covering a wide range from gothic metal to heavy metal, and even extending to punk and alternative rock.

The central theme of the festival is music, closely followed by visual arts, especially photography and paintings that adjust and complement the general concept of ARTmania. Any indirectly linked projects are welcomed since the festival’s mission is defined by drawing various contributions from the art domain, to create a complex concept starting from music.

For one week, during the festival, ARTmania strongly supports the activity of the cultural institutions in Sibiu. The collaboration with Brukenthal National Museum and the ASTRA National Museum Complex, that started two years ago, has granted access in this highly regarded museum areas and galleries to an impressive number of ARTmania Festival participants.