European Institute for Cultural Itineraries in Casa Luxemburg

On May 19th in Casa Luxemburg was held the inauguration of the first Resource Centre of the European Institute for Cultural Itineraries for Southeast Europe. The Resource Center was created under the “Cultural Itineraries of the European  Council” and the agreement between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Romania.
This program “aims to raising awareness of their cultural identity through a quality cultural tourism, exploring the heritage of various communities.
The European Institute of Cultural Itineraries, based in Luxembourg, provides technical assistance in carrying out itineraries. “Opening this center is very important for Sibiu in a context where, as noted for the program, we tried to promote Sibiu as a cultural tourism destination. Sibiu has potential in this area and I am pleased that, together with partners Luxembourg, has managed to create this center. Very important is that this will become a regional center for Southeast Europe, “said mayor Klaus Johannis in the press conference.