The International Transylvania Film Festival Sibiu 15-19 June 2011

The 5th International Transylvania Film Festival in Sibiu is going to be completely and utterly unique. This year, from June 15th to 19th, viewers of Sibiu ill enjoy three types of films – films designed for the outdoors, that will delight viewers through topics, distribution and cinematic style, the most recent Romanian productions and a series of films whose theme is closely related to other arts (music, painting, theater, etc.).
This year, TIFF Sibiu focuses on the unique concept- films that connect the seventh art with other arts. This year’s festival, followed by the next edition which will also focus on this particular topic may be the starting point for developing a film festival in Sibiu, by itself.

This year, Sibiu will be part of top movies of the time, designed in three locations, special events and many other surprises along the five intense days. For the first time in five years of the festival in Sibiu, screenings will be held in Piata Mare in Sibiu. Every evening, the audience will be able to follow a first Sibiu exceptional film. Gong Theater and Music Pub are two other locations, where you can enjoy both films and other related events.

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