The Medieval Festival “Transylvanian Citadels” 26-29 August 2010

The ten anniversary of the Medieval Festival “Transylvanian Citadels”  intends this year to celebrate the guilds from Sibiu. The festival will start sooner than before, namely Thursday, August 26, 9 pm, the Festival Parade will take place ..

The parade brings a new element, the starting point being the Evangelic Church yard. There will be approximately 300 participants at the festival, artists from home and abroad.

The starting location of the parade is not chosen by chance, but would thereby attracting an alarm to the problems of the Evangelic Church: roof strength issues, parts of plaster of structures the roof, problems whose solution involves significant financial resources from Sibiu Lutheran Parish.

In this respect, in all the four-day festival the participants will try to raise awareness of people in the community who may be involved to support the rehabilitation of this monument of great importance to Sibiu.